My Family FAQ

  Hi this is my great family.
We live in the beautiful Northwest on a grass seed farm.
 My husband and I have been married for almost eight years.
 We had five children in five and a half years
  Boy, Girl, Boy and Twin Boys.

    People often say things to me like:
  • "You must be busy or You have your hands full"
           Yes we are busy and I like it that way.
  • "Are they all yours?"
           Yes they are. 
  • "Do you know what causes that, or you should get cable."
           Yes we know and we don't have cable, we watch enough T.V..already.
  • "Are you going to have anymore or equally obnoxious you're done, right?" 
          Yes, No, Maybe, Not Sure...(in my head "is it really your business?")

My family inspires me to do better, to live on purpose, to plan and enjoy my life.