Friday, April 8, 2011

Gifts of Time

# 3,4,&5 and myself

What is the best gift we can give someone? Often I am overwhelmed by the needs of others I like to help others, but often I am not able. I have to give what I can in situations that I have little control over.

     I cannot give health... but I can provide a healthy meal.
     I cannot heal a broken heart... but I can listen and offer encouragement.
     I cannot make someone change... but I can pray for them.
     I cannot right all the wrongs... but I can offer hope by showing kindness.
     I cannot be everything to everyone... but I can love others the best I know how.

    The best gifts are:
                     Our time
                     Our attention
                     Our encouragement
                     Our love
  May you be a blessing to all you meet today.

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