Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blessings and Burdens

I have more than I realize.
Spring is here everything is fresh and new and I want to be organized. I want to get projects finished. I want to be able to start my garden and be outside more and more. Instead of Spring Cleaning this year I am doing a Spring Inventory. I am doing a COMPLETE inventory of my home. Does this sound ridiculous? Well I believe that writing down everything I have will help me to decide what to purge from my home and help me not to buy more things that I don’t really need and already have.
I am going room to room and writing everything down some of the items are (but not limited to): furniture, art, kitchen items, clothing, appliances, bedding, and toys.  I think the kitchen, clothing and toys will take the most time.  Categorizing the items will assist in the organizing process and if we ever have our house burn down or broken into we will have a record for insurance purposes. 

 The inventory spread sheet looks like this:


I found that I have 7 queen size sheet sets (ridiculous)! We only have one queen size bed!!! I do not need 7 sets. I am going to keep three. One set of flannel and two regular sets. They are my favorites.

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We are blessed with so many things that they become burdens, so today I am starting to bless others and lighten my load. Taking care of people is more important than taking care of things.  

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