Monday, April 11, 2011

Why getting up when your alarm goes off is a good thing!

Getting out of bed is really hard to do sometimes. The last 5 years I was usually awakened by a child, crying baby, my husband's phone and an assortment of other things. I was constantly tired and thought if I could just get 15 more minutes my day would be better. Well I rarely got the extra 15 minutes and when I did usually one of my great children would do something that would take me at least 15 minutes to clean plus a bad attitude. So my neighbor and I decided we would no longer be the victims of  morning chaos.
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We purposed to get up and out of bed when our alarms went off the first time! No snooze button. Then we would text each other when we had our cup of coffee in hand. We have both missed a couple mornings but I feel so encouraged when I get a little beep and a text. Also I have some blessed time to myself. It is quiet and I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee without having to re heat it 7 times. I love it, it is making a difference in how my day goes. I am getting more accomplished than before and my housework is done more quickly because I take time everyday and plan.
I even get up early on weekends too. The added benefit to getting up on time is it forces me to go to bed at a decent hour. I also have cut back on my bad TV habit.
I like being on time to appointments, I personally believe that being late is a form of rudeness. So now I keep my first appointment of the day with myself and I am on time.

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