Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh Well

     You know the saying,"My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it."  Well at my house it's, "my house was clean 5 minutes ago, sorry you missed it." I sweep my floor at least 4 times per day, we spill some sort of liquid everyday, and I don't go one day with out doing some laundry. Most days I don't mind, my kids and I work together, my husband usually throws a load of laundry in, and it looks alright.
     My aim isn't perfection, I like things to be organized, clear walkways, clean bathroom, and beds made.  I have fingerprints on all my windows, mirrors and glass surfaces, I could easily vacuum everyday and still have crumbs and other stuff on the floors, I could spend most of my time picking up after children and my house would look better. Alas I like to do other things more.
  I have a small house so I am able to get my house picked up in 30-45 minutes every morning. This includes:  Kitchen-dishes, counters, table, and floor
Bedroom- Bed made, clothes put away
Living Room- Toys, books, clothes and papers picked up (kids help)
Bathroom- Tidy sink and clean toilet
Kids Bedrooms- Laundry, beds and toys picked up (the older ones do this themselves)
Start laundry, empty garbage cans and have some more coffee.

I have a list of other cleaning jobs that need to get done and I usually do 1 to 3 of those throughout the day. Sometimes I don't and we go to the library instead.

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