Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love the One Your With

I don't want to feel discontent about not having "House Perfect" or not owning a house yet. Owning a house for the sake of owning one isn't a good enough reason for me to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do I want a home of my own? Yes, eventually. Are we going to buy a "starter home" because everyone tells us we should? No.

Over the past couple years many friends and family have strongly suggested that we buy a home, while most of the advice we have received is well meant, some of the reasons behind the advice doesn't really make sense or line up with our goals. Some of the memorable reasons are:
     "Prices are only going to go up" (then the real estate bust happened)
     "Interest rates are the lowest they're going to get" (they've gotten even lower)
     "You can write off the interest on you taxes" (we could also save that money toward a bigger down payment) 
     " You don't need to save for a down payment" ( How are all those 0% down interest only loans doing?)
     " Just get your foot in the door, build some equity" 
 And some of the worst reasons:
      "You don't have to like your first home... just by something... you don't always get what you want"

Some reasons we are waiting in this "buyers market" are:
     We want to live in a specific area.
     We want land (20 acres or more).
     We don't want to make a huge commitment to something we don't like.
     We live in a great place right now and do not pay rent (part of my husband's job package)

We are picky but not unrealistic, we know what we want and what we do not want. Eventually we will buy a place of our own, in the mean time I will love the one I'm with.

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