Monday, May 2, 2011

Burlap . . . Affordable and Stylish

Great things about Burlap
  1.  It is cheap around $1-2 per yard
  2. It is versitle
  3. It's durable
  4. It has visual interest (or the texture looks nice)
                                                                                   I had some old canvas from when I painted (B.C. before children) they were half finished and hibernating in a closet for 6 years. I decided not to buy anymore craft supplies so I used what I had and put them to use.  I used 3M spray adhesive (spray glue) and a regular desk stapler.  
1.) I cut the canvas so it would wrap around the sides
2.)  Stapled one side (on back
3.) Sprayed the glue onto the canvas
4.) Pulled the Burlap tight and smoothed any bubbles
5.) Folded edges down and stapled in place
This took about 30 minutes to finish 4 canvases
I glued a tack onto a clothes pin and placed a photo the position can be easily changed. The burlap is a nice neutral background. Pictures and memorabilia are updated for seasons, birthdays and holidays.

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