Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Habits

In college I started participating in a “No Buying” day, one day a week where I would not buy anything. I don’t leave home everyday now so it is easy to continue this practice. I like having a designated day, mine used to be Thursdays. Now there are no rules to this exercise other than no exchange of money can take place, you can barter, trade or accept free items. My friend introduced me to the idea, she had a bunch of free items on a table and encouraged people to take something and choose to be a non consumer for one day a week.

I also have decided to make Thursday my Donation Day, I will choose items to give to others or donate.
Recently I have felt compelled to be more generous. I am blessed and I want to be generous to others. I have a few things I am doing already, but I want to keep them quiet, so I don’t get self-righteous. I want to be liberal with love but practical in application.    

Have a great Weekend.

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