Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Enjoy Staying at Home

Being at home can be enjoyable but sometimes you have to get creative. Boredom can be the catalyst for creativity so when you are feeling bored, rejoice and then

                          Find Some Inspiration
         We all need a little Inspiration and fresh ideas. This doesn't have to cost anything or be a huge production; small, manageable, quickly finished projects are good to create and accomplish. Decorating doesn't need House Beautiful worthy just something that brings you a little joy, embrace some whimsy

    Here are some of my recent creative projects:
    Canvas covered in burlap

    Artwork display

    Notes to self

    Kids work area

    Texas Cosmetic Hold em'

     Re Purposed

    A lot cheaper than PB

         And I have my 10 year class reunion coming up this June as a reminder I put up my pre-twin pants for                     motivation.  Just because I have 5 kids doesn't mean I want to look like I have 5 kids! Ha!
    I will be linking them to their own separate posts this week. Enjoy your day!

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